delta electronics, 8k projection
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Founder of Delta Electronics, Bruce C.H. Cheng is ever searching for new business opportunities. After taking a lead in electronic components, such as computer fans and power supplies, he is expanding his territory into electric cars and now to high-resolution projection technology. 

Delta Electronics is a leading Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company. According to Delta, in the year 2020, the revenue of December reached US$ 960 million, increasing 5.5% monthly. The yearly revenue reached US$ 10 billion with 5.4% yearly increase. The market value reached over US$ 21 billion last December. 

Bruce founded the company in 1971, initially manufacturing TV deflection coils and winding magnetic components. It has since expanded into industrial automation, energy system solutions with its latest cooperation with the UK GKN Automotive in developing eDrive systems stretching out to electric cars.

After retiring in 2012, Bruce continues to keep keen eyes on business trends, environmental issues and remains influential to the new business of Delta. Bruce says, “I am still thinking about what else we can do!”

World-leading visual display technology

In 2018, the Japanese NHK broadcast station wanted to find live streaming solutions for the Winter Olympics led Bruce to think that the large-screen high-resolution projection technology market has great potential. He has since dedicated into this costly but promising industry. Up to date, Delta’s visual display applications is still world-leading.

Sponsoring the world’s first 8K-resolution documentary film winning a Gold Remi

In May 2020, the Delta-sponsored, NHK-produced world’s first 8K-resolution documentary film “Water with Life”, was awarded a Gold Remi at the 53rd WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival in the Shorts Documentary category. This is the second Delta-sponsored environmental documentary film receiving a prize after “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above”. The trophy now sits at the top of Delta HQ, where the first innovative 8K projection theater also sits.

“The electronic industry is rapidly changing, you must keep up with new ideas,” Bruce said. From power supplies to electric cars, Delta’s new projection technology is worth paying close attention to.