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Cisco Systems, Inc.a US company providing network development and internet security services is opening a software development center at the Startup Terrace, located at Linkou District, New Taipei City, making it the first in the Asia Pacific area.

Initially, the center will be used for Cisco to team up with local startups and lay focus on finding solutions for cybersecurity, and later to jointly develop new applications aiming for the global market.

Attracted by the startup capacity, first in Asia

The company is said to be attracted by the island nation’s software development capacity and startup hotspot. By bringing in the model from overseas and creating an open platform, Cisco is in hope that 1+1 could create larger benefits. According to Cisco, similar facilities are already in place in Europe and the US.

The center will be inaugurated after the Lunar new year.

Taiwanese hope to maintain the choice to work at home

Cisco announced a “Workforce of the Future” report. The research targeting 14,000 employees in 14 Asia Pacific markets showed that 86% of Taiwanese employees hope to retain the autonomy of having the choice to work in the office or at home post-Covid-19.

Since remote working took place, 37% of the interviewees said they were happier, 39% said they were healthier. George Chen, senior vice president of Cisco’s Greater China operations and head of Cisco Taiwan, said hybrid working will be the trend for the future, establishing greater autonomy, self-management for employees and enhancing cybersecurity for enterprises.