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According to industry sources, MediaTek had entered Apple’s supply chain for the headphone brand, Beats. Apple owns Beats and this is the first time Apple had chosen MediaTek, a Taiwanese fabless semiconductor to supply the chip components. 

Apple products usually carry its in-house designed chips, this shows a shift in their strategy.

Ever since the iPhone retail box stopped including headphones (since iPhone 12), Apple had been expanding their own branded headphones.  

iPhones has a bright outlook of sales to surpass 200 million units, and most of them will need a headphone. That is where AirPods and Beats come into play.

AirPods are pricier with a higher base period leading to slower sales growth, whereas the latest Beats headphones, Beats Flex, costs as low as US$49.99, serving to breakthrough sales growth.  

Industry watchers predict the earliest shipment is set between February and March.


Source: udn (in Mandarin)