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Source: Microsoft Taiwan

US-based Microsoft is cooperating with Taiwan-based contract manufacturing giant Foxconn for the manufacturing corporate’s digitalization and transformation into smart manufacturing. 

The adoption of Microsoft cloud services and Azure AI will enable faster integration of Operational Technology (OT) and Information technology (IT) of Foxconn that has manufacturing sites across 20 countries. 

In a wave of factories working their way into smart manufacturing under the industry 4.0 tide, Foxconn is teaming up with Microsoft to accelerate this process which taps into three aspects.

Foxconn to fully embrace cloud service and accelerate innovation with cloud native

In a series of efforts aligned with Foxconn’s strategy from “brawn” to “brain”, Foxconn will adopt Microsoft Azure AI, database services and utilize cloud native and DevOps to intensify innovation and software development.

In the future, Foxconn may further adopt Microsoft technologies to strengthen ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) pushing for corporate sustainability.

As part of the MIH open platform alliance, Microsoft will also continue to co-create an ecosystem in the electric vehicle industry.

Create a hybrid working environment

Foxconn will deploy Microsoft 365 to layout a hybrid workplace foundation to enable agile enterprise reaction in face of the new normality and a fast-changing environment.

Taking the core enterprise system to the cloud and deploy global operation

By setting the core enterprise system on Microsoft Azure cloud service, it enables a span of manufacturing sites across 20 countries to neatly link between OT and IT. 

With the integration of feeding colossal factory data onto Azure for analysis, Foxconn can further optimize operational management, intensify centralized management, create a predictive mechanism and above all, create a future factory.

“Microsoft is glad to partner with global industry leader, Foxconn, to pioneer in a new page of Taiwan’s manufacturing industry.” – Ken Sun.

“Manufacturing is facing greater customization demands that require breakthroughs from the current low efficient manual and machinery operations. Digitalization is the key to maintain competitiveness,” said Ken Sun.

“Foxconn had brought to the table a three-stage digitalization plan since 2019, targeting three industries (electric vehicle, digital health and robots) and three core technologies (AI, semiconductor and telecommunications) to bring new values to the industry,” Foxconn Chairman Young Liu stated,

“by cooperating with Microsoft through AI technology and cloud services, we will transform from ‘manufacturing HonHai’ to ‘technology HonHai’ and join hands with global partners in creating a smart living.”


Ken Sun, General Manager at Microsoft Taiwan, and Joe Lin, Lead of IoT Solution Architects at Microsoft Greater China Region, will speak at the NExt Forum, held by Hon Hai Research Institute on March 3rd about key cybersecurity issues under the IoV context with leading cybersecurity companies.