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Source: Macroblock

The LED driver IC provider Macroblock partnered with Moonshine Animation, an artist-centered visual effects (VFX) company based in Taiwan, to build an LED wall extended reality (XR) studio in Taipei, Taiwan. 

The global LED video wall driver IC revenue for 2021 will reach US$360 million, and see a 13% yearly growth according to TrendForce.

But first, what is extended reality (XR)?

Extended reality is used to describe all immersive experiences enabled by computing technologies that combine physical and virtual environments.

It is an umbrella term that incorporates augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR).

The XR market is expected to grow eight times what it is in 2018, and reaching $209 billion by 2022. This fast-growing trend implies that the revolutionary new reality for the next decade is far beyond our current imagination, and tech companies are accelerating it.

Macroblock is going after extended reality and virtual production

The newly built XR studio is equipped with real-time camera tracking system and high-quality 4x4K LED displays of P1.25 (1.25mm pitch) with a 3840 visual refresh rate, which allows video shooting at up to 60FPS. The latest projects shot in the LED wall XR studio are Vogue Taiwan E-Cover and Asus ROG Launch Event.

Johnny Chiang, the Vogue project producer, recalled, “I was very impressed with the P1.25 LED displays as I could do close-up shots at ease.”

“I’ve been using LED displays for music videos and commercial shootings for years, but the pixel pitches of LED displays in the market are usually 3mm or more making it impossible to take close-up shots. A smaller pitch LED display usually costs me substantially more. So I’m extremely satisfied with the video quality this time, and I look forward to shooting more projects in this studio,” he adds.

Macroblock has been studying virtual production and extended reality (XR) for almost two years. Even though the LED displays are gaining popularity and having a revolutionary impact to the filmmaking industry, there are still challenges that need to be overcome. 

Collaborating with Moonshine is a strategic move for Macroblock to obtain users’ feedback on the visual effects of the LED walls and challenges encountered during camera shooting, a step further to help Macroblock better develop the upcoming LED display driver ICs dedicated to virtual production application. 

LED video wall driver IC market sees price hikes

According to TrendForce’s latest investigations, the LED video wall driver IC market has been suffering from insufficient production capacities on the supply side since 2020, which is occupied by products with higher margins. 

To secure enough foundries’ production capacities, LED video wall driver IC suppliers therefore began raising prices for certain driver IC products by about 5-10% at the end of last year, and this price hike is expected to persist through 2021. 

On the demand side, the resumption of various commercial activities and sporting events is expected to drive global LED video wall driver IC revenue for 2021 to US$360 million, a 13% yearly growth.


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