automotive lens
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CEO of Largan Precision, a camera lens supplier to Apple, Adam Lin made remarks on challenges brought by the increasing numbers of automotive lenses needed for ADAS empowered autonomous vehicles at the earnings call yesterday. Industry observers believe his statement indicates that Largan is returning to the automotive lens market. 

Largan started to invest in automotive lenses in 2013 and has been deploying in the market for years aiming to serve in the growing electric vehicle market. However, owing to a low “return on investment” and stronger demands coming from the high-end smartphone cameras, Largan announced to withdraw from the automotive lens market to concentrate on dominating the smartphone market instead. In 2019, Largan informed their automotive lens client, Tesla, that production will be discontinued. 

While fading out from the automotive lens market, the company concentrated its resources on building high-end mobile phone lenses. This year Largan’s voice coil motor (VCM) used for camera lens focus functions successfully entered iPhone13 products. The latest 8P lens module which is an eight plastic lens piece will enter volume shipments by the end of this year. Although Largan is well known as an iPhone supplier, its shares gained from non-iOS phones are even larger. The company is also targeting middle to low-end smartphone market segments. 

As for the automotive lenses production, Adam Lin said the company may establish a separate unit in charge of automotive production sales to avoid conflicting resources from the different divisions. 


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