ADLINK Technology Inc., a leader in edge computing, announced to join the O-Ran Alliance yesterday and is collaborating with O-Ran members including Sageran and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Industry insiders say this will increase the likelihood of securing future 5G orders.

ADLINK brings proficiency developing Open Telcom IT Infrastructure (OTII)-compliant, standards-based 5G MEC edge servers for deployments in 5G Open RAN, 5G small cell solutions, and private 5G networks that can be shared with a global community of mobile network operators, academic and research institutions.

ADLINK and Sageran created a 5G small cell design that could deploy anywhere. Approved as an Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kit (RRK), the 5G small cell solution features lower capital expenditure (CapEx) and operating expenditure (OpEx), easy plug-and-play deployment, support for open RAN architectures, and Wi-Fi integration that remains distinct. 

ADLINK’s MECS series edge servers with AWS IoT Greengrass brings AI to the edge through IoT smart vision solutions such as ADLINK’s latest generation NEON SeriesSmart Camera, which includes a NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX SOM for increased computing power, advanced image processing, and machine vision solutions. The edge servers and cloud services work together to connect and integrate cameras, conveyors, automation systems, factory management systems, and cloud to make production lines intelligent.

Erik Kao, General Manager, Networking, Communication & Public Sector, ADLINK commented “We have been working with our solution partners and customers on a list of trial projects in manufacturing, mining and connected car infrastructure, and we will continue to work with O-Ran Alliance members to develop O-Ran standards compliant, cost-effective and scalable 5G Open RAN solutions.”