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Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC) has successfully acquired a 60.48% stake in the energy company Engie EPS, a subsidiary of the French multinational electric utility company Engie SA. After the acquisition, the company’s name has been changed to NHΩA. 

The deal costed 132 million Euro. With its conclusion, TCC has become the only Taiwanese company with its activities encompassing renewable energy, EV battery, energy storage and EV charging. 

Back in Taiwan, the company has been planning to build Taiwan’s first gigafactory with an annual capacity of 1.8GWh, specializing in NCM batteries for EVs. At the same time, it also participated in Taiwan’s first automatic frequency control (AFC) energy storage system, with batteries supplied by its own subsidiary, E-One Moli Energy Corp, and its  power conditioning system (PCS) and energy management system (EMS) outsourced from others. The acquisition of Engie EPS now gives TCC the access to both of them. 

Most importantly, the acquisition of Engie EPS has given TCC access to various partnerships across the globe, spanning from Europe, America to Africa. Engie EPS has also partnered with Stellantis, with which Taiwan’s Foxconn also cooperates to develop in-vehicle infotainment. Even though both TCC and Foxconn have been expanding their reaches into the EV industry, the two of them haven’t established contact, according to TCC.


Source: UDN