Isolated TO-220 MOSFET electronic package 3d render. Source: Adobe Stock

With the Covid surge overwhelming the country, Malaysia, which is home to a number of IDM manufacturing sites is seeing impacts on power semiconductor component shipments. 

Although production lines continue to operate, the workforce is cut down to 60% which is insufficient to maintain the production level. Suppliers such as Toshiba and Infineon said shipments in July only reached two-thirds of what was originally expected.

Among the power semiconductor devices, MOSFET and diodes shipments are being affected the most, suppliers have suspended original lead-times, which indicates the tight production capacity. According to industry insiders, MOSFET and diodes that are to enter high-end 5G and automotive products are given priority over orders for the mid to lower segments, so under the current situation, a large portion of low profitable products are now turning to Taiwanese suppliers. 

Taiwanese diode suppliers to the automakers, such as Taiwan Semiconductor Co. (TSC), Actron Technology Corp. (ATC), and Panjit International Inc. (Panjit) have reportedly entered Tier 1 supply chains and have seen more orders coming in. People that are familiar with the matter predict price hikes to be imposed for the third quarter.

Taiwanese MOSFET suppliers such as Advanced Power Electronics Corp. (APEC) and Niko Semiconductor Co. (NIKO-SEM), are also benefitted under the remote work economy given the growing demand for PC and electronic gadgets and may also introduce price hikes following the IDM firms, bringing more operational growth momentum in the second half of the year.


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