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CloudMile, a leading AI and cloud services provider in Asia, is determined to empower businesses to accelerate digital transformation through cloud technology and machine learning since its establishment in Taiwan. Meanwhile, countries in the APAC region are also moving towards “Smart Government.”

According to the IDC Worldwide Smart Cities Spending Guide 2020, the APAC region’s expenditure on developing smart cities accounts for one-third of the total global investments from 2019 to 2023, reaching 65.5 billion USD in 2023. It shows that governments in the APAC region are injecting more resources to improve smart cities’ efficacy and cope with the challenges brought by demands of digitalized public services in the future.

CloudMile has been actively offering cloud service to the public sectors in Asia, and has successfully built digital infrastructures for governments in the APAC region since 2017. With its professional digital solutions, CloudMile was awarded the 2020 Google Cloud Public Sector Partner of the Year Award in the APAC Region and obtained a Specialization in “Cloud Migration from Google Cloud.” With its rich experiences in the APAC region, CloudMile will continue to facilitate the digital transformation of public organizations to improve digitized public services for public sector companies.

CloudMile, awarded “Google Cloud 2020 Public Sector Partner of the Year – APAC”

Amid the ever changing environment in the post-pandemic era, governments require digital tools to make rapid and accurate decisions, making “digital management” a new norm in governments across the globe. As a leading AI and cloud services provider in Asia, CloudMile has been helping governments with their digital transformations and is acclaimed by government officials. Former General Manager of MediaTek Singapore and current CloudMile VP of engineering Ku Chong Chiang, said, “Different countries in Asia have been advocating smart cities and practicing digital transformation in the public sector. CloudMile has served as a reliable partner to build expandable services to bring diversified and innovative applications for the citizens.” The successful cases with Asia governments have earned CloudMile the “Google Cloud 2020 Public Sector Partner of the Year” in the APAC Region, which is one of Taiwan’s first cloud service providers to win the award.

Advocating “Smart Government”, CloudMile improving government efficacy in 3 aspects

Compared to a “Smart government” backed by information technology, traditional governmental organizations are more prone to low efficiency and lack of innovations due to its complex hierarchy. Such issues are especially challenging in the APAC region with over half of the population living in urban areas, and the number is anticipated to reach 60% in 2030. Rapid urbanization has brought various challenges to the region, such as traffic congestion, shortages of water and power, and other public safety issues on which the government has to spend more resources to cope with. By building a professional cloud environment, CloudMile is capable to solve the pain points and achieve the following 3 benefits:

  1. Improve Emergency Response: In an era flooded with all sorts of information, the traditional approach of using statistical reports to determine social and economic development trends is no longer sufficient to catch up with the ever-changing environment, which also causes delays in policy adjustments. CloudMile’s professional data analytics and automation technologies incorporate important sources of information and conduct rapid graphic analysis to help the government improve emergency response by a great extent, and enables government organizations to operate smoothly even when facing unexpected pandemics.

  2. Improve Government Efficiency: video conferences and remote working are becoming the new norms of the post-pandemic era. With CloudMile’s specialization in cloud migration, human resource systems and file management tools can migrate to the cloud painlessly to accelerate the handling of files and cross-department information exchange, improving government efficiency and lowering maintenance costs.

  3. Improve Public Services Experiences: It is troublesome and time-consuming for the citizens to go to different government organizations to access public services. With CloudMile’s one-stop information integration and digital systems, resources across different government departments and levels can be integrated to improve the public services experiences, realizing the “Citizens first” target.

Even though CloudMile has only been established for 4 years, it has already become the first to obtain Managed Services Provider initiative as a Premier Google Cloud partner in Taiwan. CloudMile has been proactively assisting Hong Kong and Taiwan enterprises on their managed services planning, reducing the risks and costs, making cloud migration painless. As the leading digital solutions provider in Asia, CloudMile will dedicate to research and development for local and overseas digital transformation utilizing different resources to introduce AI and cloud services technology to retail, medical, finance, manufacturing and public organizations, leading the way to digital transformation for a comprehensive digital ecosystem.