ARCTURUS is the new flexible antenna for 5G/4G LTE/3G/2G/NB-IoT/CATM applications designed by Synzen Precision Technology. In today’s tech and electronics world, where the modern mantra is to think bigger and make smaller, Synzen designed perhaps the most compact and versatile 5G FPC antenna on the market.

“When we started this project, the challenge was always to build something compact and flexible. Of course, we didn’t want to compromise on performance because we’re always striving to make sure our antennas outperform the competition”, said Chris Tomlin, founder and Technical Director at Synzen, “at the same time, we’re well aware that technology customers are always asking ‘but can you make it smaller?’ So we did.”

Measuring just 88mm x 14mm, Arcturus can be placed internally in devices which require an integrated antenna solution. Its ultra-small form factor doesn’t compromise on performance, covering a hugely impressive array of wideband frequencies from 617-5000MHz.

Arcturus can be easily integrated with its “peel and stick” self-adhesive backing. Main applications include Industrial/Scientific/Medical, M2M, Industrial Smart Meters, Smart Grid, Remote Monitoring and Femtocells.

Synzen is an antenna and module product design company based in Taipei, Taiwan. It stands out, among many reasons, for the free technical support it offers throughout product lifecycle. It provides advice on optimal placement, optimizes the tuning and offers free testing to characterize the performance. Moreover, Synzen’s team can offer help at any stage, whether its customers are looking for a custom design or additional support for an ongoing project.

Source: Arcturus

The product features:

      Ultra-small 5G FPC antenna: 88mm x 14mm

      For 5G/4G LTE and global cellular applications

      Frequency range of 617-5000MHz

      Simple integration, plug and operate the device without designing onboard antenna

      Can be tuned for various environments and plastic thickness

      Cable length 180mm, diameter 1.13mm – other lengths & connectors available

      Free samples – Free tuning – Free testing – Free support