Source: Unsplash

AMD is confident of continuous growth in its cloud computing server business and gaming business, leading to further growth potential for cloud computing server suppliers like Quanta Computer Inc, Inventec Corp., and Wiwyn Corp. 

According to Quanta Computer, the demand from cloud service provider and data center operators continues to rise. Recently, Quanta has also launched its vRAN solution, entering the market for 5G infrastructure and equipment that also drives growth. It is forecasted that the 5G Enterprise Private Network in Japan and Taiwan will be commercialized in the first half of 2022. 

To meet the forecasted demand, Quanta has expanded its manufacturing capacity by 20% in Q2, with further expansion possible in this quarter. 

Wiwyn also stated that the company wouldn’t place all its bets on one processor brand, and will design server chips based on both x86 and ARM architectures.