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OSP (Otto Software Partner) Taipei is going to be responsible for realizing projects in Asia for novomind as an implementation partner, starting from this September. In addition to proactively promoting products in Taiwanese and Singaporean markets, advanced technical support and staff training will also be provided. The solutions offered range from online shops at the forefront of shopping and integration of e-commerce platforms to after-sales service, including novomind iAGENT (contact center system), novomind iMARKET (marketplace integration system), novomind iPIM (product information management system) and novomind iSHOP (shop system).

Novomind is a leading IT service provider based in Hamburg, Germany and is dedicated to building an intelligent and global headless commerce platform. OSP and novomind’s very first journey began in 2016. Since then, OSP has successively launched four e-commerce shops for 24Shopping, a subsidiary of CP All in Thailand, through novomind iPIM and novomind iSHOP. Furthermore, during COVID-19 pandemic outbreak last year, OSP even created an online showroom for a German B2B customer remotely to help them deepen brand engagement and allow buyers to browse products online at any time. Even professional craftsman tools can go for digital selling through virtual display.

For the time being, many companies join e-commerce to regard an online channel as a brand new touch point while some take the plunge into cross-border e-commerce to expand abroad. “Today’s business environment is changing rapidly. Only when you are flexible enough, can you seize the great chance, which is also the biggest advantage of OSP. With flexible solutions and guidance, we accompany our customers to confront unexpected challenges and growth,” says Sandy Chiau, General Manager at OSP Taipei. As for cross-border e-commerce, to speed up the process of listing products, novomind iMARKET has already been integrated with international marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, OTTO and Zalando. This helps companies update product information and prices in multi-channel in real time.

“30 years of retail experience and local familiarity with the Asian market are the main reasons why novomind appreciates OSP as a cooperative and reliable partner,” emphasizes Sylvia Tantzen, CMO at novomind. “We have a really close communication and share the same development resources in parallel, regardless of the technical side or specifications. We are confident that we can deliver the same quality of service in Asia,” says Lenny Wang, Product Development Manager at OSP Taipei. Combining hands-on experience and industry know-how with novomind’s diverse product lines, OSP will go all out to promote omnichannel commerce solutions to support customers in adapting to changing business and meet emerging needs of the market.