Source: Unsplash

The Taiwanese Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry Co., also known as Aleees, has been a major provider of battery cathode materials. Today, it has announced a significant progress following cooperation with an EV maker based in Northeastern Asia. Once the validation process is done, it will enter mass production. The life cycle of the battery is expected to reach above 15 years. 

The company believes that Tesla’s widespread adoption of LFP (Lithium iron phosphate) batteries will speed up Aleees’ entry into the EV market. As of the end of July, the company’s products have been in the validation processes with a total of 19 customers spanning across the US, Europe and Asia, six of which are in the EV industry, while the rest of them are in the energy storage business as well as other industrial sectors, such as defense. 

According to Aleees, companies developing LFP batteries have been overly concentrated in China as a result of Chinese industrial policy. Therefore, it aims to be a strong alternative for those seeking suppliers outside of China.


Source: Anue