Source: Unsplash

Ericsson and MediaTek have set uplink speed record on mmWave, reaching a peak throughput rate of 495 Mbps – 425 Mbps in New Radio (NR) plus 70 Mbps in LTE – doubling the current uplink speed on the market. The demonstration, performed in June, integrated four component carrier, each of 100 MHz, in the uplink using non-standalone architecture (aggregating 8x100MHz in the downlink and 4×100 MHz in the uplink). It also used pre-commercial software on a device containing a MediaTek M80 5G chipset. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the industry’s traditional focus on downlink speed, as remote working draws attention to the importance of uplink speed performance. Upload speeds not only determine how fast files are uploaded, it also influences the quality of video conferencing and facilitates AR/VR applications. 

“With a peak rate of close to 500 Mbps, we’ve demonstrated in this latest milestone with MediaTek how unprecedented data speeds can be delivered in uplink using mmWave and carrier aggregation”, said Hannes Ekström, Head of Product Line 5G RAN at Ericsson. 

This latest technology milestone follows a single user multiple input multiple output (SU-MIMO demo in April 2021 when Ericsson delivered a single user uplink data rate of 315 Mbps, 15-20 times faster than current typical uplink speed.