Source: Pixabay

Far EasTone Telecommunications, a main telecom service provider in Taiwan, has cooperated with Taiwan Power Company, the state-owned utility company, to launch the country’s first Vehicle-to-Grid charging stations. Unveiled on August 4, the charging stations are compatible with both CHAdeMO and CCS1 charging standards.  An adapter would be needed for Tesla vehicles. As demonstrated at the inaugurating ceremony, the charging stations showed that it could charge a Tesla Model 3 up to 80% full within 90 minutes. For a Nissan Leaf, it took one hour to be fully charged. 

EV charging has recently become a focus of Far EasTone which is seeking to build at least 50,000 – 100,000 charging stations in Taiwan for the coming five years. The company has spent one year cooperating with manufacturers in Taiwan, including Delta Electronics. Currently, Taiwan only has thousands of charging stations.