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Delta Electronics, a global leader in power- and thermal-management solutions and a leading AC/DC, DC/DC and DC/AC power systems provider for a wide range of applications, is partnering with Texas Instruments to design enterprise-level power-supply units for data centers. Currently, Delta Electronics leads the global market in this sector, and 60% of its revenues have stemmed from its power business. 

Texas Instruments’ decade-long expertise in gallium nitride (GaN), in combination with its C2000 real-time microcontrollers, makes it an attractive partner for Delta Electronics, given the growing importance of GaN in power management. According to Jimmy Yin, VP and general manager of Delta Electronics’ Power and System Business Group, GaN will revolutionize power design and architectures, especially in power-supply units. The collaboration between the two will reportedly improve power density by 80%, and boost efficiency up to 99.2% – a 1% improvement- when compared to enterprise server power supplies based on traditional architecture. 

According to Energy Innovation, a 1% improvement equals 1-megawatt (or 800 households) total cost of ownership savings per data center.


Source: Texas Instruments