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The post-pandemic world is entering a period characterized by restructuring and consolidation. The Future Tech Theme Pavilion (FUTEX) at 2021 Taiwan Innotech Expo (TIE), held for the first time online by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), and backed by Academia Sinica, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health and Welfare, focused on six key strategic industries: IT and digitization, cybersecurity, precision healthcare, renewable and sustainable energies, national defense and strategy, as well as civilian affairs and military preparedness. The event invited Multiple CEOs from well-established businesses to share online their unique standpoints on innovation and market opportunities from an industry perspective. 

As 5G infrastructure becomes prevalent, asset security will be the next global battlefield 

The synergy between AI, IoT, the cloud and many other emerging technologies related to 5G is yielding a plethora of innovative cross-domain applications. With the popularity of 5G, asset security has become a critical issue that can’t be ignored. How can Taiwanese institutions lead the island’s core industries to implement information security solutions that protect invisible assets? Trend Micro general manager of Hong Kong & Taiwan Bob Hung, and CyCraft Technology co-founder Jeremy “Birdman” Chiu shared their thoughts on solutions that address information security risk management and AI-driven anti-hacking. 

From precision healthcare to national defense  

 As the aging society is creating a growing demand for medical services and management of chronic diseases, precision healthcare has become an irreversible trend worldwide. A number of leading medical institutions, such as Taipei Veterans General Hospital, are utilizing advanced technologies to enhance their smart healthcare and smart hospital services. 

 When it comes to defense, Taiwan has already accumulated substantial experience as a result of having developed the FORMOSAT-5 satellite and the FORMOSAT-7 satellite constellation. Its strength is further enhanced by Its complete supply chains and manufacturing capabilities in the semiconductor, information communication electronics and precision machinery sectors, which has made Taiwan an important R&D and manufacturing base for global satellite industry.  

Heavyweight tycoons provide international experience from an international perspective 

 In the Future Tech Theme Pavilion (FUTEX), top international business executives as well as academic experts were invited to speak from global perspectives. NASA Administrator Bill Nielson, who is leading many innovative and sustainable projects of exploration, and Czech Space Alliance chairman Petr Bares, the key figure in advancing the collaboration between the Czech and Taiwanese aerospace industries, and Christian Patouraux, co-founder and CEO of Singapore’s emerging satellite operator Kacific Broadband Satellites Group, shared their views on the trends across the global aerospace sector. 


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