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In partnership with ARM, Microsoft and Trend Micro, the Foxconn-initiated MIH has showcased its Open EV Software Platform for the first time, following the demonstration of its three EV prototypes.

The initial focus of the Open EV Software Platform is to enable automotive developers to create applications with smartphone-like development experience on the cloud by reducing development dependency on hardware platforms. “The Open EV Platform consists of hardware and software that covers the full lifecycle of EV development, testing and deployment. It also enables the creation of Open EV marketplace.” said William Wei, CTO at MIH Consortium.

The platform also includes the ARM-initiated SOAFEE, which encompasses a new software architecture, an open-source reference implementation, and two new reference hardware platforms. According to Chet Babla, vice president of the automotive and IoT business at ARM, SOAFEE will support developers who face increasing code complexity, bringing the real-time and safety needs of automotive together with the advantages of a cloud-native approach. 

“MIH shares our vision for accelerating the software-defined future of automotive and SOAFEE, as a part of the MIH Open EV Platform, will take us one step closer toward this vision.” said Babla. 

Meanwhile, Trend Micro provides the first development and implementation of Open EV Platform’s security framework and interface based on Secure by Design concept.

“The most effective way to solve the cybersecurity of connected cars is to directly adopt a development platform with Secure by Design as the design basis and cybersecurity protection mechanism. To provide a safe and secure electric vehicle developer platform, Trend Micro has also established a specialized automotive cybersecurity team to work with MIH jointly to provide Open EV Platform with the state of the art security architecture.” – Max Cheng, Executive Vice President Core Technology and CIO at Trend Micro. 

At the 2025 E-Mobility Taiwan exhibition, MIH already demonstrated some of the cooperation results, including a Security Platform, a Cloud Native Dev Platform, an Energy Management Platform, and an Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) / Autonomous Driving (AD) Dev Platform.


Source: MIH