Source: Unsplash

Moore Thread, a Chinese GPU startup founded in 2020, has announced a breakthrough on November 25, claiming to have introduced China’s first domestic “full-featured” GPU. 

The GPU, according to Moore Thread, is based on fully domestic intellectual properties, and features various cores that support a wide variety of functions, such as 3D graphics computing, AI training and inference computing, high-performance parallel computing and ultra-high-definition video codec. Furthermore, the company indicates that its GPU has already begun to adapt to China’s domestic mainstream CPUs and operating systems. 

Within barely a year since its founding, the Chinese startup has already gone through 3 funding rounds. Its pre-A round included prominent investors such as Sequoia Capital China and ByteDance. Moore Thread announced its R&D breakthrough on the occasion of completing its Series A funding round, raising US$313 million. Tencent, according to reports, also participated in the process. 

The latest series of funding will be used to finance the volume production of its GPU products as well as expanding the relevant domestic ecosystem. So far, the company claimed that it had entered partnerships with hundreds of players in China’s GPU ecosystem. 

Lately, China has been gripped by a GPU fever, with a series of new startups cropping up across its landscape. Moore Thread claimed that its team members had already accumulated profound prior experiences with every stage of GPU production, making it the only domestic company capable of designing, manufacturing, marketing and servicing its GPUs, covering the entire product life cycle. Its core team members were reportedly drawn from Nvidia, while others came from Microsoft, Intel, Arm, etc. 


Source: ICSmart