Source: Unsplash

Taiwan’s world leading semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industry has been taking steps to develop high-end laser sources and equipment, and the country’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has been playing a key role in the process. 

Since 2020, together with the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) and Germany’s Trumpf Group, one of the world’s largest producers of laser sources and machine tools, ITRI established Taiwan Semiconductor & Electronic Industries Laser Application Service Center, aiming to provide a platform on which equipment manufacturers can test their products. 

For firms that need to introduce laser sources, the high cost of high-end laser source equipment has been a major deterrent, and the Laser Application Service Center precisely seeks to remove this obstacle by providing a product validation facility: it combines Trumpf’s laser source with ITRI’s laser optical modules as well as machine tool parts provided by the Taiwanese company Hiwin Technologies. 

Deepening cooperation with Lithuania

Simultaneously, Taiwan’s laser industry has been stepping up cooperation with European partners as well. For example, Superbin, a Taiwanese supplier of various laser products, has been cooperating with Ekspla, a Lithuanian manufacturer of solid state lasers and laser systems for industrial applications.

According to Mantvydas Jasinskas, the Chief Sales Officer of Ekspla, the Lithuanian company has been looking for customers in Taiwan with the help of Superbin, targeting sectors such as display manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing and electronically component manufacturing.

For Ekspla, the display market represents the biggest cooperation potential with Taiwan, especially when it comes to various processes involved in ULED (ultra light-emitting diodes) screen manufacturing. As for the semiconductor industry, Jasinskas sees the application of Ekspla’s laser products in the manufacturing and cleaning of probe cards. The material processing for passive components, as in material cutting, drilling and marking, is also a cooperation focus in Taiwan. The Lithuanian company’s cooperation with Superbin has already covered the above-mentioned sectors.