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Today (December 16), TSMC has introduced its N4X process technology, tailored for high performance computing (HPC) products. 

Expected to enter risk production by the first half of 2023, N4X is TSMC’s first HPC-focused technology, representing ultimate performance and maximum clock frequencies in the 5-nanometer family. 

The “X” designation is reserved for TSMC technologies that are developed specifically for HPC products, and N4X will mark the first in the X line of extreme performance semiconductor technologies. 

According to TSMC, N4X offers a performance boost of up to 15% over N5, or up to 4% over the even faster N4P at 1.2 volt.

“HPC is now TSMC’s fastest-growing business segment,” said Dr. Kevin Zhang, senior vice president of Business Development at TSMC, “TSMC has also combined it with our 3DFabric advanced packaging technologies to offer the best HPC platform.”

N4X can achieve drive voltages beyond 1.2 volt and deliver additional performance. Customers can also draw on the common design rules of the N5 process to accelerate the development of their N4X products. 

Specifically, N4X features:

  • Device design and structures optimized for high drive current and maximum frequency
  • Back-end metal stack optimization for high-performance designs
  • Super high density metal-insulator-metal capacitors for robust power delivery under extreme performance loads


Source: TSMC