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In response to a recent rumour claiming that Huawei has been partnering with Semiconductor Manufacturing International Co. (SMIC) to establish its own foundry, those familiar with both companies have once again denied the claim. 

Last week, TSMC suppliers reportedly claimed that the Chinese telecom and chip design giant Huawei had approached them, seeking assistance to build a foundry. China’s largest chip manufacturer SMIC was also rumoured to be involved. 

At the center of the speculation was Huawei Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Founded on December 18, 2021, the company was put in charge of producing components and modules for optical communication, optoelectronics and discrete semiconductor products. 

Huawei insiders previously indicated that the new subsidiary was dedicated to the testing and packaging of discrete semiconductor devices, refuting claims that it would manufacture system-on-chip products. 

Now, the denial has once again been reiterated by those close to SMIC and Huawei. 


Source: ICsmart