Source: Foxconn

The MIH Consortium, founded by the electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn, has announced an alliance with the Autoware Foundation on January 7. The partnership aims to accelerate the development of an integrated solution for autonomous EVs. 

Established in 2015 by Shinpei Kato as a non-profit organization, Autoware Foundation is the world’s first to offer an open-source autonomous driving system. Kato also founded the company Tier IV in the same year to lead the development of Autoware. 

As the world’s first to create an open-source EV platform, the MIH Consortium’s goal to shorten development cycles for EVs makes it a natural partner of Autoware. According to Kato, currently the chairman of the Autoware Foundation and CTO of Tier IV, MIH’s collaborative open platform development structure aligns extremely well with the Autoware Foundation’s objectives, especially its recently announced Autoware Open Autonomous Driving Kit (Open AD Kit). 

The alliance between the Autoware Foundation and Foxconn will enable developers to leverage Open AD Kit and commercialize automotive grade AD solutions that can be scaled through the MIH Open EV Platform. 

“MIH will define the requirements for automotive grade AD solutions, and when automotive grade solutions based on Open AD Kit become available, they will be integrated into the AD/ADAS of the MIH Open EV Platform,” said Kato. 

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MIH’s The Open EV Platform consists of hardware and software that covers the full lifecycle of EV development, testing and deployment. It initially focuses on providing a cloud-based development experience for automotive developers working on applications, and in the process reduce development dependency on hardware platforms.

In fact, Tier IV is already a MIH member, and it has been a key player in the development of Foxconn’s autopilot program. As Kato puts it, only the biggest automakers had the capabilities to achieve software-hardware integration with Autoware, but MIH’s approach changed the landscape.

Jack Cheng, CEO of MIH Consortium said “To enable developers to innovate and create great user experience and applications, we must work towards a Software-Defined Vehicles future by realizing the Open EV Platform vision. MIH is excited to join force with the Autoware Foundation in the area of autonomous driving.”

At CES 2022, MIH Consortium and the Autoware Foundation have just showcased an autonomous driving system reference implementation of the Autoware Open AD Kit and its integration with the MIH Open EV Platform.


Source: MIH, Autoware